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Sunday River is a ski resort located in Newry, Maine. VIP Strippers has been booking strippers since 1992. Covering all of New England, including Sunday River strippers. Sunday River is rocking in the winter, with the best skiing and snowboarding in Maine. In summer, there is golf, mountain biking, zip lines and more.

Sunday river strippers

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Some Sunday River News

Sunday River this week announced that it is installing the “fastest 8-person chair in North America” for the 2022-23 winter season.. The Jordan 8, a new Doppelmayr D-Line chairlift, features ergonomically shaped, extra-wide heated seats and weather-blocking bubble covers. Additional safety features include an adjustable loading carpet to allow children to load the lift easily, and automatic unlock safety bars that lock into place at the start of the ride and unlock in the top terminal. The new lift services terrain on Sunday River’s Oz and Jordan Bowl peaks. This part of the resort will come to be known as the Western Reserve as future terrain development plans come to life. According to the resort, the Jordan 8 is one of three chairlift upgrades to come in the next three years.

Sunday River Strippers reviews

Sunday River Strippers Bethel, Maine: Everything was incredible. The girls (Joey & Logan) were gorgeous and very friendly. They did a great job making sure everyone was having a good time. The show was a hit too, and exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for hooking it up, it was definitely a memorable experience.

Sunday River Strippers Bethel, Maine: What a great show. Tony had the girls there on time and really set the tone for a great time. Joey and Logan are clearly two of the hottest, sexiest, most fun and entertaining in the business. The show lasted 2 hours, the Bachelor was treated to a world class show and all 15 guys got all the attention they desired. The Cigar rides and girl on girl show were worth every penny. Thanks VIP STRIPPERS! We will be repeat customers for sure.

Sunday River Strippers: Joey & Alena. It was great. Thanks.

Sunday River Strippers: Joey & Alena. Show was great. Highly recommend it to anyone.

Sunday River snow report

Want to see the difference between VIP and the other agencies? here is a review

1st of all just have to say what a great time everyone had Saturday. I’m going on your site to write a review in a minute. The girls (Ryan & Logan) were amazing – can’t say enough – beautiful, sexy – had enough games/ activities on top of dances to keep the party going, worked great w/ the groom to be.

So friday night nothing was planned as we didn’t all drive up together and planned on getting up early saturday for a day on the boats. One of the guys that was only up for friday decided after a few, or many, drinks he didn’t want to miss out on the entertainment so he and two other guys looked online and ordered from Malevxxxxxe (edited) entertainment without telling anyone. (they just randomly came across the site online somehow, i have no idea if they even saw pics or had a choice on who they ordered…)

I’m glad things turned out so horrible with the other company – because Saturday still ended up being the main night and there is absolutely zero comparison.

So not to trash on the girls from the other company, but I have to say that in looks and show they were not “professional strippers” but more like party girls. only one of them had a clue on how to work a party, and it was just average. I can’t say enough again on overall looks , it was that bad that before the 1st hour was up most of us were all set. I think most people just tipped because they were there. A few of the guys who had drank the most were trying to keep the party going – and were told that the girls had to leave soon because another party was booked – but the guy who ordered said he asked to make sure the night was open, and it originally was.

Overall experience was below poor – Malevxxxxxe (edited) charged more and quality provided wasn’t worth it if it was free, but enough about them. Saturday night my phone rang a few minutes before 8pm, Al was calling to let me know he was on our street. I was impressed from the start with your company, getting so many emails before this night, and starting out right on time. We were really in the middle of nowhere, so that again showed how professional your team was. I don’t know how is possible, but when Ryan and Logan walked in they looked even better than in the pics. Absolutely beautiful girls. Very friendly, talking to the guys during a few breaks between acts/shows made it seem like they were having a good time and never made it seem like they were in a rush to leave.
Everyone had a great time, most importantly the groom. (and I had a great time too of course, it was impossible not too.) I think we ended up with 16 guys on Saturday – and everyone even more upset after you crew / show on the money that was wasted the night before.
Thanks again – you now have 16 new fans, I can’t wait for another event to come up, I’m not going to hesitate to give you a call.

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